Selling Your Home With Shrewd Moves

For those inexperienced in the ever more complex property market the thought of selling your home can be a daunting prospect. With so much at stake emotion can run high so Shrewd Moves work tirelessly to help our clients understand the process and keep potential stresses to a minimum. We care about our Clients.

Shrewd Moves offer a Fully Comprehensive, Free of Charge and No Obligation market appraisal of your property. Our sale terms are strictly on a No Sale No Fee commission basis.

Below is an outline guide to help you understand how we go about selling your home. In this ever-changing world with all its challenges Shrewd Moves have a very keen focus on obtaining the best price for you however, the importance of the human side of the home selling process remains paramount and we are empathetic to every circumstance.

Our Market Valuations

Here we begin the process of selling your home which we are confident we will achieve quickly, efficiently and with minimum fuss.

Prior to visiting you at home we undertake a detailed analysis of the local area and scrutinise the prices recently achieved by similar homes to your own. At your convenience we then meet with you to view your home and make our thorough onsite assessment. Don’t worry if your home is not as spic and span as you would perhaps like it to be, most people do not live in show houses and it will not affect our valuation. We provide supporting evidence for our Valuations and will be happy to discuss your own thoughts on value if you would like to talk them through.

Our goal is to advertise your home at a price level aimed to achieve the maximum the market will deliver in a timely fashion.

No two homes are the same so we use a mix of standard matrix including the square meterage of the property and plot size as well as all the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms. The space, light, aspect and general condition are the other key ingredients as well as that hard to quantify ‘feel’ of the property which is sometimes the most important factor to your buyer.

If you decide to proceed with our agreed Valuation you can relax and leave the rest to us!

Innovative and Traditional Marketing

We pull out all the stops to make sure your cherished home reaches far and wide to contact as many potential purchasers as possible. As well as using a range of more traditional approaches, we also harness the most up to date media tools now available to maximise every opportunity to contact your future buyer quickly.

With all professional photography from a well-respected and experienced property specialist we produce a top quality printed brochure and arrange high resolution standard and 3D floor plans. For appropriate homes 360 Panographic and Video tours can be created along with aerial photography for maximum impact.

Your home will be launched to the market on several online property portals including the all-important Right Move and the full details are also made available on our own Shrewd Moves web site (not just a link). We are active on social media and additionally your home will appear on our Facebook, Google Business and Instagram pages.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s)

EPC’s are required by law when advertising property on the open market. They can last up to 10 years but if you make significant changes to your home by for example building an extension or fitting loft or cavity wall insulation, you will need a new one as the energy consumption of your home may be affected.

We can highly recommend Jon Scholes who is an experienced, reliable and reasonably priced local energy assessor as well as being a thoroughly nice chap to deal with. Jon will produce a new EPC for you and will register it on the government database.

The All-important Viewings

On instruction and prior to going to market we contact potential buyers from our extensively amassed database and give them notice your property will soon be available to view. We can arrange flexible viewings 7 days a week with interested parties that we have previously scrutinised to make sure they are genuine buyers and in a position to proceed to purchase. We never waste your time with window shoppers!

We always accompany applicants as they view your home and follow a discreet and structured sales process to make the very most of the opportunity. We ask appropriate questions to gauge their level of interest and accentuate the positive aspects of your property in a relaxed and conversational manner. Detailed feedback is given to our clients usually in person and straight after the viewing so you don’t have to wait. Any applicants who show potential will be followed up thoroughly to a conclusion.

Offers and Negotiation

Here we get to the cut and thrust of selling your home and the negotiation is where we really excel in achieving the best possible price for our clients. This goal is at the for-front of our minds right from the launch to market and all the way through the process and is as important to us as it is to you.

We deal with any offers in a calm and considered way and discuss in detail with our clients the merits of the offer. In addition to the obviously critical monetary figure we thoroughly explore the circumstances of the applicant to assess not only their commitment to buy but also their ability to proceed.

Of the many factors affecting this some may include any necessary borrowing from a bank or building society, whether they are in a chain with their buyers or constraints around the timescale for the move. All these considerations will be discussed and a conclusion drawn on the viability and acceptability of the offer but the final decision is always with yourself the vendor.

Proof of Funds and Due Diligence

This is another critical part of the process and if done well can reduce the chances of your all-important property sale being one of the 35% of agreed sales nationally that does not survive to completion. We use our wealth of experience to verify that your prospective buyer can deliver on their commitment to buy and of course look for cash buyers not involved in a chain. For proof of funding we can contact their mortgage advisor, bank, financial planner and any estate who’s client may be involved in the chain if there is one.

Agreeing and Progressing the Sale

Once the proof of funding is obtained and the sale is agreed Shrewd Moves will send out a Memorandum of Sale to all parties to confirm the details. You instruct a conveyance solicitor to deal with the sale for you and we will offer help and advice if needed to navigate the forms to get your file opened with your chosen lawyer.

From this point we continuously monitor and manage every stage of the process and proactively communicate with all involved to keep the sale moving smoothly forward. We aim to reach the legally binding exchange of contracts without delay.

Completion Day

When the day comes that the sale completes we will be on hand to guide you through the last step. We arrange the handover of keys and also any information you would like to leave the in-coming home owner which may be of assistance to them. We understand this can be an emotional time and are sympathetic to the situation.

In Summary

The above is just an outline of the Shrewd Moves method of business and there are so many different facets to running a successful estate agency it would be impossible to mention them all. In summary, we offer a highly reputable and dynamic estate agency service and are hugely experienced and motivated to deliver gold standard performance in every aspect of this industry. We are certain we can exceed your expectations as our Testimonials reflect!